How To Order A Custom Canvas

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The display is just to give you an idea of what it will look like. We look at each order and adjust the photo if necessary. If we are uncertain about placement we will email you with a preview before we print.

If you need your photo to be vertically oriented you can flip it sideways with our uploader or you can email with your image attached and we'll provide you with a customized preview!

  • High-resolution photo needed!
  • We suggest an image size of at least 2mb. If your image is too small and SUPER blurry we'll let you know.
  • The larger the image, the better
  • Image MUST be Landscape Oriented for best results.
  • The image may lose a little bit of quality when being expanded onto such a large canvas
  • These are custom made pieces to order. Creating your canvas, framing it, and getting it delivered can take 7-14 days. Usually quicker though.
  • Please note that the picture preview will not be EXACTLY the same as the printed canvas. There WILL be a slight difference due to scaling. Also, our printing team readjusts it in order to get you the BEST results.

If you have any questions regarding custom orders please contact us!Email:

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